Former Projects

Development Hell: 

Or development limbo "is media industry jargon for a film or other project that remains in development (often moving between different crews, scripts, or studios) without progressing to production. A film, television program, screenplay, album, concept, or idea stranded in development hell takes an especially long time to start production, or never does. Projects in development hell are not officially cancelled, but work on them slows or stops."

Get the picture?


Cycle of Desire (2014)
Project A

This was supposed to be the Debut album, started from the now-defunct EP “Once in Love”. Featuring original compositions and a few cover versions of his favorite songs. The album consisted of Soul, Samba, and Classical elements (much like the upcoming project "Introducing: Louis Vaspar") that would display different facets of the voice and pianistic quality that made Louis the artist he was.

Only a few songs have made it to out of development hell; Moonlit Haze (one of his favorite compositions), 5 A.M.Sweet, Caffeine Bullet, Lover in the Backseat, and Sunrise.

Honeyed Lips (2015)
Project B

The would've-been sophomore album (originally title "Flames Arise", continuing the format and storyline that "Cycle of Desire" had left off) consisted of a strong Japanese and French influence of the 1960's. This album was driven primarily with more Lounge, Yé-yé, Pop, and Rock & Roll elements and less Samba, Classical, and Soul like the previous album. 

Like the above, few of the content was carried forward, including; The Dream (Orpheus), Obsessions '68 (Sophie Makhno), and Keeper of the Flame (Nina Simone)



Innocent Deviant (2016)
Project C

An EP, that was to be driven by sexuality and allure. Following the artistic theme of Cycle, this project was a consistent slow groove of passion, exploration, and experimentation. Since this project never languished or went through as many changes as the previous, the content had a better chance at survival.

However, since the sexual undertones have been completely removed, and Louis no longer sings, the concept was ultimately scrapped.

The content remaining was Sweet Smoke, Love for Sale (Eartha Kitt), Secret Flame.

There were three other unrealized projects that were later dissected and put forth in other programs.

Smoke in my Soul (2017)
Project D

The debut that finally made it out of Development Hell, was to display the facets of Louis the Pianist with a mixture of Classical, Soul and Samba. At this stage, Louis has decided to no longer sing, making this an instrumental record. 

What made this project special is that it made its way to the Studio and production had been done for the record. In this case, this album has hit post-production hell. The album has been deemed "Perdu à la Fumée".

This is the (supposed) last contemporary, non-Classical project to be attempted by Louis Vaspar.