LV Cover (2020).jpg

Louis Vaspar (2020)

by Louis Vaspar

Louis Vaspar (self-titled album) is the sophomore album of artist Louis Vaspar to be released in April 2020.

Developed by Joston Entertainment & Music Group for Gaspard Records, a private Joston EMG-owned Label in February 2018.

To be work-shopped and recorded in both Brooklyn, NY (September 2019 with Douglass Recording, Chris Gilroy) and Paris, France (December 2019 with Salle Cologne).

Music performed by Louis Vaspar and the Vaspar Workshop & Studio Session Musicians Group. All musical arrangements and licensing procured by Vaspar-Terrell Publishing and in conjunction with Universal Music Group.

Album Cover shot by Pamela Chemla of The Parisian Photographers in Paris, France (April 6, 2019)

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