Development Hell rears it’s ugly head once more!

At this time, it’s looking like an official release will come in November, two-months after the reveal.

While I handle the financial and closing-of-production woes, I am happy to tell you that though all this, at least the product will be worthwhile now that I’ve got this extra time to get it right! I hate that this has to happen, but I hope it’ll come together in time.


A short delay.

Briefly: the album will be available later this month.

Hangover Samba was officially revealed one week ago and the finishing touches have commenced. Unfortunately, I’m not very pleased with the piano that I recorded a couple of the selections on.

So re-recording will take commence in the original setting: New York, on the artist series Steinway (N° 227) as I had started with in March.

Background vocals will pick up next Thursday and after that…post-production!

Debut: Hangover Samba

The time has come, we’re finally ready…I’d like to introduce:


Soon for purchase on Apple Music and Vinyl via BandCamp. Streaming will be soon available on Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and more!

Album cover shot by Darrien Pope Photography in Detroit, MI (June 23, 2019) inspired by Clade Lombard’s Chanté (1969), Palette Records.

Hangover Samba (working title, “Lilly Water”, Project E) is the first official album of Louis Vaspar. After three attempts, a year of reinvention, study, research, and development the time has finally come.

Hangover Samba was developed by private-owned Joston Entertainment & Music Group for Gaspard Records, a sole-proprietorship record label under Joston EMG, currently a sole-proprietorship, in February 2018.

Principal workshopping and recording began in Brooklyn, NY, March 1-4 & May 14 at Douglass Recording, produced by Chris Gilroy. Secondary production and post-production completed in August 31, September 14-15 & 18th with post production wrapping up on September 24th in Detroit.

Music was performed by Louis Vaspar on piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, vocals and percussion; accompanied by the Vaspar Workshop & Studio Session Musicians Group. All musical arrangements and licensing procured by Vaspar-Terrell Publishing.

Principal personnel from the Vaspar WSMG:

Federico Tassoni (Bass) • Brendan McGuckin (Drums) • Nicolas Kuo (Guitar)

Secondary personnel:

Alex Anest (Guitar) • Trevor Lamb (Upright Bass) • Mark Royzenblat (Guitar) • Cameron Wilson (Drums) • Joseph Wright (Trombone) • Bianca Barber (Background Vocals)

O Fim.

Tonight is the last portion of this heavy-hitting production process. Though backgrounds aren’t quite started and my trombone player hasn’t been scheduled yet, I’m sure I can continue working on my sound and getting everything set so this process can end smoothly and we may phase into post-production sooner!

In one weeks time, the official announcement will commence and the album should be very near toward completion during that time.

Day’s Five through Eight (Set IV): Wrapping Up

Sept. 14, 17h

I’ve recruited musicians in Detroit to help me finish the final songs to both fill the album, and move the narrative along. We are going to record three songs in three hours, and I’m excited to get back behind the mixing board with Marty!

Sept. 15, 18h30

Percussion, performed by yours truly, and lead vocals (the next-to-last step of production) will begin this night. I’m back in the iso booth, this time I’m singing for real and I better be note-ready and clean! I’ve got another three hours to get this correct.

Sept. 18, 18h

Theres a concert grand piano in front of me. Time to see if I’m performance-ready again! There are two romantic-era pieces and stems to record in four hours time. I’m nervous but quite excited to say the least!

Following up:

An aspiring jazz trombonist joins me in the studio to record bit parts to bridge the instrumental gaps. I’ll be with him for about thirty minutes before I’m joined by my background vocalists.

Track Reveal

Today begins the one-by-one track reveal, via Instagram!

All songs are to be revealed in reverse order every two days, up until the official album title reveal on the 25th.

Day Four (Set III): Almost There

Some changes has been made and will take at least four hours to complete for this coming weekend. Vocals, percussion dubs, and other additives are to be taped for the final product. Guest guitarist, Alex Anest comes in to lend his melodies for the additional touches.

This will be fun!

Detroit, 1965

Reunited with my good friend and photographer Darrien Pope after three years.

This fellow Detroit talent will be shooting my album cover tonight and to reconvene in the fall for on-location publicities and I am so excited to finally round this project off OFFICIALLY! The official release is slated for September 2019.

If anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you all know.



“Hello” from the other side…of the smoke-filled room!

I am currently back in Europe to photograph for the aforementioned album cover to be released exactly one year from now. Production may end up taking place in New York City as a lot of my productions have, but the possibility of pursuing this project overseas is still so stimulating.

I will be back in the States in five days time, to begin taping for three days in Chicago.

For what? You’ll see.


Day Two (Set I): In Studio

Here we are, on to the second portion of the sessions.

This is going to be one of the more difficult sessions, so I want to be completely calm and ready to tackle these fast-paced numbers. I will admit, I have partaken in a glass of champagne before arriving for the call.

Tonight will be the end of my days with this wonderful crew, and I am glad we’ve all enjoyed ourselves during this time.

Their hard work and talents that they’ve lent to me are highly valued.


Day One (Set I): In Studio

Today we all have gathered for the moment of truth, the first session of Project E has begun.

For the next few hours, we will cover the first portion of the album as an ensemble and I am elated. The Rhodes has been pulled out, and is staring at me. Time to play with the controls and make this dream-like trance come to life!


Production has Begun.

The musicians have been recruited, signed, and studied.

It’s the day of rehearsals and I am more than excited to play with this talented crew.
Tomorrow, the magic begins.


This is real...

More than 60 applicants and counting as of last night, the tough portions of this search has begun.

There are many talents that have reached out and seem more than qualified for the small fee that I am providing. But I am deeply humbled by their choosing to support and contribute their time to me. I hope for the best come February.

Until then, I have more arrangements to make before I make my final decisions.