Debut: Hangover Samba

The time has come, we’re finally ready…I’d like to introduce:


Soon for purchase on Apple Music and Vinyl via BandCamp. Streaming will be soon available on Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and more!

Album cover shot by Darrien Pope Photography in Detroit, MI (June 23, 2019) inspired by Clade Lombard’s Chanté (1969), Palette Records.

Hangover Samba (working title, “Lilly Water”, Project E) is the first official album of Louis Vaspar. After three attempts, a year of reinvention, study, research, and development the time has finally come.

Hangover Samba was developed by private-owned Joston Entertainment & Music Group for Gaspard Records, a sole-proprietorship record label under Joston EMG, currently a sole-proprietorship, in February 2018.

Principal workshopping and recording began in Brooklyn, NY, March 1-4 & May 14 at Douglass Recording, produced by Chris Gilroy. Secondary production and post-production completed in August 31, September 14-15 & 18th with post production wrapping up on September 24th in Detroit.

Music was performed by Louis Vaspar on piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, vocals and percussion; accompanied by the Vaspar Workshop & Studio Session Musicians Group. All musical arrangements and licensing procured by Vaspar-Terrell Publishing.

Principal personnel from the Vaspar WSMG:

Federico Tassoni (Bass) • Brendan McGuckin (Drums) • Nicolas Kuo (Guitar)

Secondary personnel:

Alex Anest (Guitar) • Trevor Lamb (Upright Bass) • Mark Royzenblat (Guitar) • Cameron Wilson (Drums) • Joseph Wright (Trombone) • Bianca Barber (Background Vocals)