What’s to come.

Getting it Right

After one tumultuous year of preparation, the time has come to slate for production. Originally the project was scheduled thrice for the later part of this year, then again for January. Now, after countless nights of planning, I have decided to proceed in the Spring of 2019. No specific dates have been decided on other than to take place between March and May. The process is projected to span over eight non-consecutive days in Brooklyn.

Getting the Right Sound

I have been working on charts and retooling my own piano skills to ensure that I can give the quality that I want to receive in turn from my musicians. During these upcoming winter months, I will be assembling a team of talented musicians to contract for this project. This ensemble will work closely with me during the workshop and studio session stages. The musicians under this group will be addressed as a whole, even if the individuals revolve or are replaced.

After fussing with my setlist for the last few months, I have decided on the songs that will be performing in-studio. At this time, the some songs that I do not own the rights to are currently being purchased for mechanical licensing and reproduction purposes.

During this process, I will continue to cultivate my signature sound.

Until then,