Day’s Five through Eight (Set IV): Wrapping Up

Sept. 14, 17h

I’ve recruited musicians in Detroit to help me finish the final songs to both fill the album, and move the narrative along. We are going to record three songs in three hours, and I’m excited to get back behind the mixing board with Marty!

Sept. 15, 18h30

Percussion, performed by yours truly, and lead vocals (the next-to-last step of production) will begin this night. I’m back in the iso booth, this time I’m singing for real and I better be note-ready and clean! I’ve got another three hours to get this correct.

Sept. 18, 18h

Theres a concert grand piano in front of me. Time to see if I’m performance-ready again! There are two romantic-era pieces and stems to record in four hours time. I’m nervous but quite excited to say the least!

Following up:

An aspiring jazz trombonist joins me in the studio to record bit parts to bridge the instrumental gaps. I’ll be with him for about thirty minutes before I’m joined by my background vocalists.